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The ​Tune is all about collecting new music from all genres and sharing it with you guys. If you are interested in collaborating with us, you can join our team.

The Tune brings you the best music on the internet and the best hits of all time. ​We created this website in order to share with you the latest and greatest music albums of all time. You are welcome to browse and discover the greatest music artists of all time, the greatest women in music, as well as the greatest musical performances of all time. The tune website is a community for music lovers where we can get together, share and explore new music. Here you can find articles about the history of modern, as well as, classical music. Discover the greatest pieces of music ever written and the greatest works of classical music. Moreover, ​we collaborate with music enthusiasts to bring you the freshest reviews and updates from the industry. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions, and do not forget to like us on our social media pages.

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​The Many Benefits of Listening to Music

The links between listening to music and stress reduction are widely demonstrated. Researchers from the University of Zurich ha​d questioned the link between listening to relaxing music before exposure to stress and they were surprised by the response as a result of the observation of sixty participants in three groups subject to different conditions.

In the first group, people listened to relaxing music, in the second group, people listened to the sounds of dripping water. The third group had nothing to listen to. The results show that these are the participants in the first group who have most reacted to the stressful task. Studies have shown that music has the same effect while in a state of anticipation, which is most evident among casino-game players. Some of the best gambling sites in the USA are no surprisingly “the best” because they have made a great music selection to ensure a comforting experience for their visitors. Visit this site to discover them in just one place.

This result is explained by issuing the hypothesis that listening to music and the stress system apply to the same areas of the brain. Thus, listening to music before a stressful task helps those areas to react more to the stress.

That is why online casinos are always looking at what is the best music to put on their platform. It was tested that slot games with good music have way more traffic than other ones. If you want to experience them yourself visit Jugar Casino Enlinea to find the best online casino games and get free bonus to play them.

Several benefits have been associated ​with the fact listening to or making music, and this is true as much for the body to the brain, a group or an individual. One can think of the opportunities to socialize and communicate, the effects on our behavior and our emotions or the multiplication of activities such as walking to get to his choir practice or go out for a concert.

Some research trace impacts on memory, emotions, attention, learning or motor skills. You can also associate the music to hope, as was the case with the origin of the blues and the songs of the slaves. It believes that some sounds and rhythms, like jazz or blues, encourage creativity and imagination while making suffering more bearable.

Other researchers have also put forward the effects of music to limit pain and contribute to the well-being and appeasement. Finally, we can think that music stimulates optimism and helps achieve a deep sleep.

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