About Us

about usThe Tune is a collective of music critics, bloggers, and musicians who enjoy finding new music and sharing it with other people.  We are always looking for more posters, and if you’re interested, check out what we’re looking for in writers below and send an email with the following information: 

1. Your name, age, and general location.
3. Your favorite genre(s).
4. An example of your writing — ideally a blog you’ve run for awhile, but you can attach any writing in the area of music that you’ve done in the past.

If you would like to write for The Tune, please…

1. be active in the music blogging scene — read blogs on a regular basis and keep up to date on new music.
2. be able to utilize correct grammar and spelling, as well as engaging the reader, when writing.
3. be able to post on a daily or semi-daily basis during the week (Monday-Friday).
4. be reliable, friendly, and excited for new music.
5. be familiar with WordPress or at least blogging in general.