Electric Eels: 2 fresh dubsteppy tracks, “Skeleton Key” and “Waiting for Godot”

When dubstep first emerged from the depths of London a few years ago, I was unimpressed.  But since then, the wub-wub-wubby subgenre of electronic music has penetrated nearly all other genres, from pop (Skrillex, Nero, etc.) to rock (recently, Muse) — it’s even gotten it’s own “post-” subgenre — to indie artists who mix with influences from all over the catalogue.  It’s these latter artists that have made me a fan of dubstep, and occasionally they find their way into our Electric Eel section.

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The two most recent to turn my head come from Oakland trio Beats Antique and actress Janina Gavankar (True Blood, The L Word).  The former, “Skeleton Key,” merges world music (it sounds somewhat Indian in parts), strings, glitchy beats, and gut-rumbling bass to create one of the better instrumental dubstep tracks I’ve ever heard, a tune that is simultaneously beautiful and ugly.  The latter, “Waiting for Godot,” meanwhile, looks to pop ballads and plucky My Brightest Diamond-style instrumentation to complement its bass drops and wub-wub-wub.  The lyrics are what made me fall for the song with their references to the famous play, however: “Friends may come/ And friends may go/ But I still I say/ If I wait for love, am I waiting for Godot?”

Stream and download both songs for free below.

Stream: Janina Gavankar – “Waiting for Godot“ MP3