The Greatest Songs of all Time

1 . Smells Like Teen Spirit

Nirvana | 1991

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” arrives at the top of the most iconic songs of all time. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is the first song from the album Nevermind (1991), of the American group led by singer and guitarist Kurt Cobain featured Nirvana.

2 . Imagine

John Lennon | 1971

“Imagine,” the pacifist anthem and utopian John Lenon and his wife Yoko Ono comes second. Imagine is from the eponymous album released in 1971.

3. One

U2 | 1991

‘One’, the song of the Irish band U2 and its singer Bono star completes the podium.

4. Billie Jean

Michael Jackson | 1982

“Billie Jean”, the title of King of Pop Michael Jackson from the “Thriller” album (1982). “Thriller” is the best-selling of all time album, a double performance for Michael Jackson.

5. Bohemian Rhapsody

Queen | 1975

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ tube British of Freddie Mercury and Queen rock band coming from the album “A Night at the Opera” (1975).

6. Hey Jude

The Beatles | 1968

John Lenon happens a second time in the top 10, but this time accompanied by Paul McCartney with The Beatles for “Hey Jude” tube, released as a single on August 26, 1968.

7. Like A Rolling Stone

Bob Dylan | 1965

“Like a Rolling Stone” the Bob Dylan song, appearing on the album “Highway 61 Revisited” (1965).

8 . I can’t Get No Satisfaction

Rolling Stones | 1965

I Can can’t Get No. Satisfaction“, the iconic pop song of the Rolling Stone and the 1960s. The title was released as a Single on June 6, 1965.

9. God Save The Queen

Sex Pistols | 1977

“God Save the Queen” is the second single and the most controversial of the punk band The Sex Pistols. The title was released in 1977 during the anniversary of the accession to the throne of Queen Élisabeth II and was pulled from the airwaves of the BBC.

10. Sweet Child O’Mine

Guns n ‘ Roses | 1987

“Sweet Child O’ Mine ‘ the Top 10 farm. The song from the album and Guns n ‘ Roses, “Appetite for Destruction” (1987).

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